© 2017 by Paul Briggs

James and the Drifters has one objective: to play music that embodies love and positivity. Their sound is the transfiguration …of modern pop/folk into the likeness of the golden-era of rock.

Formed in the small town of Huntington, IN in 2010, James and the Drifters was originally the project of four artists pulling resources. Over the past six years – long weekends, countless hours of songwriting, creative dialogue, and practice – James and the Drifters has been a revolving door of local talent, enriching to the band’s endowment. Today, the Drifters is a collective project based mainly in Fort Wayne, IN. The band consists of Kyle Jackson, Andy Scheer, Dan Willig, Anthony Jenkins, and Perry J. Blige Childs. The music they play is the heart and soul of each former and current member of the band and their community.

Stylistically, the band has shaken off their dusty-folk/Americana-boots for the thicker-skinned sounds of rock and blues. Melodic guitar riffs float sweetly about one another while three-part vocal harmonies move along the rock-driven rhythm section.

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