A Christian Rock Band with a flare for the punk sometimes. There really are so many sides to the band that you wouldn't expect given the genre they are labeled under. One moment your getting hit hard with blazing guitars and then on a turn around your hearing a slow power ballad. So now you think I see what this band is about they hit you with 3 shades of punk. Sounds like this band would leave you feeling confused ,but these musicians found a way to pull it off. Now you add in a high energy stage show you will leave feeling like WOW did all that really just happen from one band and the answer is a resounding YES!!! 
At the end of the day these guys love music but love God even more and that shines thru them. These guys are all about sharing there faith at any and every opportunity they have. This would explain there ability to easily pull off a full worship set if needed . So from this small band in the Midwest they are making waves all over the United States with their high energy muti -genre music. Now combine their passionate faith in Christ you have a recipe for incredible ministry thru music.